Writing a respondent factum magazine

This is a concise outline of the facts or points of law to be discussed.

BC Court of Appeal: Guidebook for Respondents

In jurisprudential cases i. They do not persuade. Some people like to copy the factum directly, and then edit it down. An opening statement, which is a concise one page statement identifying yourself as the respondent, the court or tribunal appealed from, and the result of your case in the previous proceedings.

With regular practice and experience, you will find that these will become a regular part of your facta.

While this method doesn't work for everyone, I like this method because it forces me to get to the heart of the important points. I write those three points in simple, straightforward language: Make sure the relevant part is highlighted in your book of authorities.

In other words, your focus should be on advocating your own position, and much less about attacking the other side. The other side's argument. For example, if the case is helpful because it is very similar on the facts, have a short statement regarding the case. Be sure to follow those instructions carefully.

Post #14: All About Mooting - Part II - Writing Submissions

In organizing arguments, try to begin and end with the strongest. Many people have different methods of writing their submissions. All things being equal, analogies and the use of "strawmen" are most persuasive when deployed in oral argument. Factums and pleadings Litigation documents filed in court proceedings can be an extremely useful research source.

Never misstate authorities, exaggerate what they say or ignore relevant and material authorities against your position. We anticipate our friends will argue that A factum is the argument that you will use in the presentation of your response to the appeal.

A statement of facts. This can be a useful starting point for your research. Friedman, "Winning on Appeal" 9 Litigation As well, sometimes you can construct "strawmen" representing your client's case, and then rip it apart.

Take these with a grain of salt - this is just my advice, and tips.

Memorandums and factums

Be sure to follow those instructions carefully. specific advice for writing a respondent’s factum. Your factum gives the judges a sense of what your appeal is about before you appear in Court.

It is probably the most important document you will file in your appeal. You can. A factum may contain detailed submissions on the point of law you are researching. A pleading in a case involving similar issues, particularly those in an emerging area of law, can assist you greatly.

Respondent's Factum PART l STATEMENT OF FACTS 1. he Respondent does not accept the Appellants' Statement of Facts in that many of the important facts have not been set out, others are inaccurate whereas others are irrelevant and many of the purported facts are an intermingling of legal and non-legal arguments.

(Respondents) FACTUM OF THE DEFENDANTS I RESPONDENTS February 9, BLAKE, CASSELS & GRAYDON LLP given to the defendant notice in writing, specifying the matter complained of, Documents Similar To John v Ballingall ONCA (Respondent) Putang Ina Principle.

Post #14: All About Mooting - Part II - Writing Submissions

Uploaded by. Guiller C. Magsumbol. Filipinas vs Ago Medical. Uploaded by. Resources The Wilson Moot is committed to the education of law students on written and oral advocacy.

respondent factum: 1st Place Respondent Factum () 2nd place: appellant factum: 2nd Place Appellant Factum () “How to Write a Persuasive Factum: A Judge’s View,” Chapter 1 in Advocacy & Taxation in Canada (Toronto: Irwin.

Professors that do not ramble, have long-winding statements that are hard to write or type to, and who speak slowly, loudly, and clearly, are the best. Your submissions are a persuasive summary of your factum, and should be written with purpose and direction.

Many people have different methods of writing their submissions.

Writing a respondent factum magazine
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